5 Types Of Business Video You Should Be Using

Often, people take a simplistic view of corporate video and the options available. Most promotional business videos will take the form of short adverts or explainer videos, which can be extremely effective for a wide range of businesses, but it’s important to remember there are many other possibilities.

Another common mistake is thinking that once you have “a video”, you’ve done your video marketing and that’s the end of the task. Ideally you should actually be using a range of promotional video tactics to create your brand over time, and experiment with different videos as well as different methods of distributing and promoting them.
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Business Video Marketing On Different Social Channels

It’s impossible to talk about video marketing without considering the role of social media and its impact on how all businesses conduct their marketing efforts. Recent trends on social networking channels have been highly focused on video content, because there’s a wealth of evidence to support the fact that video is the most engaging form of content and makes better business sense than any alternative.

Now that the leading names in social media have all updated their platforms to support video a lot more seamlessly than they could a few years ago, it’s just as easy to share your corporate video with a wide audience online as it is to share a photo or status update. Paid promotion is also easier than ever, so you can extend that reach even further for just a few pounds.
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How To Create Fantastic Product Videos

Selling products online is much easier when you have a brilliant video to promote them. Your videos need to serve a few simple functions, primarily informing buyers about what your product does and how they could benefit from owning it.

However, in order to generate a real sense of excitement or another emotional response, you need to take your corporate or product video to the next level. Here we lay out some guidance for getting better results.
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seo videos

How Videos Can Be A Shortcut To The Top Of Google

If you’re focusing your marketing efforts on your website, a major part of your strategy probably is (or should be) to get higher organic rankings on search engines. Google is the main target, since it handles over 87% of all search queries.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) actually goes hand in hand with business video and video marketing for a number of reasons, so you’d be wise to consider investing in this route if your goal is to improve your rankings. Here are a few ways in which video can help. Read more

Current Trends In Video Marketing

Video marketing is a rapidly changing field, and nothing is certain. 2016 showed us that major shifts in how things work in this area can be completely unexpected, such as the massive marketing push behind Facebook Live and the first viral augmented reality breakthrough in the form of Pokémon GO.

However, we do know what’s happening right now in the world of business video which should give marketers and business owners a pretty good idea of what direction they might want to head in. Here are a few current trends that tend to be overlooked.
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Why Online Video Works In The Fashion Industry

Social media marketing is now hugely important across almost all industries who want to reach a target audience on a regular basis and really engage with them to build relationships. Few fields lend themselves so well to social platforms as the fashion industry, and video is the most important media for making this work.

Why? Here are a few key points explaining how fashion videos are the ideal online marketing solution for brands trying to increase their reach (and their sales).
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Why You Need To Pay Attention To Online Video Marketing

By this point, most business owners and marketers are aware that online video has massive potential for helping your brand reach a much wider audience on the internet. Just to reiterate some key facts, YouTube (which has been synonymous with video content for many years) is the world’s second biggest search engine. At any given moment, up to one in every six internet users will be watching a YouTube video.

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The Features Of An Amazing Explainer Video

There’s plenty of research to show that video is the best format to use when you’re trying to explain a concept to your customers. Too many words are off-putting, and images can even be open to interpretation. By combining several different approaches in one simple video, you can get the point across much more effectively.

But how do you do this in the right way and produce a really strong explainer video? We would draw your attention to the following features which separate the best from the rest.
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Great Video Content Ideas for Businesses

Pretty much any kind of video content is already likely to help your business grow and reach more people online, but of course the actually content of that video matters enormously. This is what makes the different between a hugely successful corporate video that brings in traffic and sales, versus a basic video that fails to engage customers because it offers no value. Here are a few very different ideas of routes you might take when planning a new video.

Product Demo

This is a great example of a time when you may need to involve a professional corporate video production company to get the best results. You may opt for a slick, high-gloss product video that highlights all the best features of your product and demonstrates its functions, or alternatively you could go for a less polished approach with a more relaxed tone. It depends on your products and the image you’re going for with your branding.

How-To Video

These can be employed for almost any niche if you think creatively, and they definitely tick the box in terms of offering some value to viewers. A good explainer video will usually go through the process of “how to” do something that you know your customers are interested in, and preferably there should be a tie-in with your services, although it’s not essential. Engaging people and making sure they know to contact you for more detailed expert knowledge is the goal of the exercise.

Interview or Q&A Sessions

If you feel your business may come across as cold or faceless to your potential customers (and this is a very common problem when every interaction is exclusively online), then adding a human touch to your corporate video concept can be a great plan. You (or your most charismatic employee!) can appear on screen as an interview with a relevant guest, or even let the audience conduct the interview through a live social media stream. This is an extremely effective way of communicating directly with your audience, while maintaining some control and using it for marketing purposes all at once.

5 Ways Video Can Help Your Business

It’s fair to say that in the part, video was never a part of the traditional marketing matrix that most small businesses would employ to help them grow. TV advertising was once the only real outlet for video marketing, and the costs would be prohibitive for the vast majority of business owners. Meanwhile, the only video production companies would be full-on television studios.

In the past 15 years, all that has gradually changed and the potential benefits of producing corporate business videos have multiplied exponentially. Now, ignoring video is a sure way to end up left behind in any fast-paced online market. Here are five key examples of ways video can help you to develop your brand.

1) Introduce your brand – Sometimes it can be hard to put into words what makes your company unique in its niche. Video is the perfect format for demonstrating exactly that, allowing you to show your employees at work, the process of providing your product or service to customers, and key information. All this can be presented along with your company branding within a few seconds, which is massive advantage over other formats. 

2) Expand your reach – Corporate video content is easy to share on multiple platforms, allowing you to maximise the size of the audience you’re reaching. You can distribute a single video across social media channels, your own website and other sites, plus you can use it to present in person and via local TV networks.

3) Utilise your existing content – Creating new content to use in your video may not even be necessary. A professional video production company may work with your existing video clips, images and information to produce a sleek finished product that can be used effectively to market your business, rather than just finding somewhere on your website to collect these random snippets.

4) Tell real customer stories – A great use of video is to deliver persuasive and engaging testimonials from your existing customers. Seeing a real person talking in detail about their success with your company can be much more convincing than a written story or quote.

5) Go into detail – Rather than exclusively using video to give an overview of your company to new audiences, you can use it to add value to people looking for a deeper insight into your products and services. Product videos can increase conversions significantly, while explainer videos may help you get a point across that’s tricky with just text content. You can also provide a “behind the scenes” look at your business by documenting your general processes or any major events that your attend in an engaging way.