64% of visitors are more likely to make a purchase on an ecommerce site if the site contains video

Our Product and Fashion Video Service will give you the competitive edge you need over rivals, decrease abandoned shopping carts and customer returns, and increase exposure of your products across the internet.

According to recent industry statistics ecommerce site visitors that view video content stay a whole two minutes longer and are an incredible 64% more likely to make a purchase compared to ecommerce site visitors who do not view video. Google loves video too, they do own YouTube after all, and the likelihood of appearing on page one of Google search results increases 53 times with video content on your site.

Videos of your clothing or products can work both along side or instead of still images. Video has the benefits of being able to demonstrate your clothing or products from every angle, show them in use, and show them in a way which engages the viewer.

Clothing and Fashion videos are a particularly effective toll for selling online. Clothing shoppers want to see how your items move, hang and fit on the body, only video of your items can achieve this and will increase your chances of making a sale. The addition of music will make your clothing videos even more emotive.

Explainer videos can reduce your travel and customer service costs and increase the number of people you can sell to. Relay the message about your product quickly and effectively to large numbers of people, and advertise and sell your product whilst showing it in use.

Product and Fashion Videos are now a must have, and watching them is becoming a common mainstream activity, particularly for online shoppers.

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