What is video production?

At Insight Business Video we have done our homework and discovered that we spend a lot more time on websites which have videos than ones which don’t. 88% more time in fact. Therefore, we believe that videos are the best tool to bring your business ideas to life, making your website reach more visitors, and for those visitors to become customers! If you are new to the idea of video production then read on to discover just how video production works.

Understanding the client’s goals

The initial stage of all video production involves an inquiry from the client in which Insight Business Video will learn about the company’s video project ideas such as the intended audience and overall message the business wishes to communicate. Then the content of the video is established between the business and the video producers, being very careful that it will catch and maintain the audience’s attention.

Shoot preparation

Once deadlines for draft videos have been arranged the shooting site needs to be checked for any background noise or window glare that would spoil the video quality. Preparation for the shoot will begin: scripts are written, participants are invited and equipment is prepared such as microphones and props. Then the fun can really start!

Editing and final drafts

With the cameras rolling the video shoot should run smoothly provided preparation has been carried out efficiently. Once the director decides enough material has been gathered the footage will be sent to Insight Business Video for editing. Once edited the video will be sent to the client as a first draft and feedback shall be given by the client upon which changes can be made and suggestions incorporated into the video’s second draft. This process is continued until the client is satisfied with the video which is then posted on their website for visitors to enjoy!

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Production tip: 5 tricks for filming in small spaces

When you’ve got hefty camera and lighting equipment, shooting in a very small space can be hard. Luckily for you, a good video production company always has some tricks up their sleeve to get out of a tight spot!

1. Use a wide angle lens

Choose your lenses carefully when shooting in a small space. A wide angle lens will help you capture more and make your space feel bigger. Be careful, though – some lenses can distort the image, such as a fisheye lens that will make straight lines curved. Choose the right lens and you’ll be able to get the perfect shot.

2. Get creative with camera placement

One of the tricky parts about filming in a small room is where to place the camera, especially if you need a stabiliser, such as a bulky tripod. Try shooting from above or below, or wedge a tripod right in a corner and send everyone out. It’s all about getting creative and making the most of what you have.

3. Adjust your lighting

Lighting can be a major problem in small spaces – you want it to look natural without having huge lights and troublesome cables in shot. A good tip is to try using LEDs, which can provide you with a good amount of light in less space. Bounce boards are also your friend, helping you to make use of natural light.

4. Think outside the box

When in doubt, go outside. You would be surprised at how many people simply choose to film through a window or doorway, allowing them to look into the space without taking up too much room. Just make sure that this doesn’t affect your lighting.

5. Cheat!

If you need a really small space, why not try faking it? You can recreate small spaces with just a printed backboard to give you that tight close-up you need. This will allow you to do everything you need with lighting and angles, without compromising on quality.

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6 ways to grow your business with video marketing

Introduction to the company 

Often used as a recruitment tool, creating a video introduction to your business describing the culture, your values and the company vision can be a great way to engage with potential candidates, encouraging them to apply for your role.

Video is one of the most effective ways you can attract and engage your target audience to your business. As a medium, it’s quicker to absorb than text or imagery, meaning you can communicate your message in a more efficient way. Video also benefits your SEO, as it’s favoured by Google. Below, we’ve highlighted six ways you can grow your business with video marketing.

Product marketing 

You could create a product marketing video to highlight an existing product’s USP or the benefits your customers can expect from purchasing from you. Taking 30-60 seconds out of their day to understand how the product can improve their lives will feel like a reasonable investment for most consumers in a product they’re potentially interested in.

Branded videos 

With the growth of influencer marketing, so many brands are already capturing the potential of branded videos. For consumers, seeing a person they trust – whether it be a friend, family member or influencer celebrating a product or service they love – can increase their likelihood to buy by up to 45%.

How-to videos 

Using video to demonstrate how to use your product is a great way of engaging your current and potential customers in all the potential your product has. YouTube is one of the most popular search engines available, so creating a video to explain your product in the style of a YouTube how-to is a great value-added way to connect with customers.

Meet the team 

If you sell a service, you could create a ‘meet the team’ video so that your customers have a video introduction to your team, and specifically the person or people responsible for their work. This will help to generate more genuine relationships between the client and your team in the office.

Event videos

If you’re marketing the launch of a product, or you’ve organised an event, then capture it with a video. Combining action, music, text, and imagery, you’ll really be able to bring to life your event and give people who were unable to attend an insight to everything that happened!

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Corporate Video Production

What is a corporate video and how can you use it?

To put it simply, a corporate video is the creation of audio-visual communications that give an overview of a business, company or organisation. As well as the obvious use of promoting yourselves, such videos can also be used for other aspects of your business.

The uses of a corporate video

Once you have created a corporate video, the situations in which it can be shown are surprisingly versatile. These can include:

1. Marketing – It’s good to shout about what your business does and how well you do it – your video will allow you to do just that.

2. Presenting to clients – The most crucial time for you to be representing your company well. If you are selling goods or services, a video will help potential clients visualise how they can benefit from choosing you.

3. Training videos – When introducing new members of staff to your business, the video will give them a good understanding of your business as you want it to be portrayed.

4. Events – By representing your brand at any event with a captivating video, you can be sure that people will stop and take notice.

The importance of video on your website

If you have a company website (which you really should in this internet-driven era), you should definitely make sure your corporate video features prominently. The majority of the most consumable information on the Internet today is in the form of videos.

People can’t be bothered to read page after page describing what your business does, but they’ll happily watch your 5-minute corporate video, and take much more away from it than any written words. Embed the video in your website to make sure you’re providing any visitors with easily accessible important information!

Interested in creating a video for your business?

At Insight Business Video, we have all the appropriate filming equipment and skilled team members to help you create the perfect video for your company.

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Effective Business Videos

Ten Tips For Producing Highly Effective Business Videos

In this modern age, business videos are becoming increasingly popular, expected by customers, and therefore integral to a business’ marketing strategy. Social media posts and website content receive more engagement when videos are involved, so if you need one for your business, here are ten tips for producing highly effective business videos.

1. Know your audience

Considering the type of audience that will watch your video is vital to producing content that will hold their attention and be informative, funny or interesting to them.

2. Plan it first

It’s not just your audience you’ll need to consider, it’s everything from the script to the location. Make sure you have everything planned out as precisely as possible so that filming and editing can be done efficiently.

3. High quality

If you want people to take your business seriously, then your video needs to be filmed and edited to a high standard that looks and sounds professional.

4. Capture attention

Your video can’t be boring, and with a multitude of videos all over the internet, it’s easy for people’s attention to divert away. The beginning of your video must capture their interest if you want them to keep watching.

5. Keep it short

Keep your message short, clear and concise for the best possible chance of getting views that last until the end.

6. Humour helps

Everybody loves to laugh and injecting some humour into your video not only shows personality but is more likely to make a lasting impression and encourage people to show their friends.

7. A professional voice

Make sure any voice overs are clear and sound professional, enthusiastic and engaging.

8. Call to action

Be sure to end your video with a compelling ‘call to action’, so that those watching know exactly what to do next, whether it’s getting in touch with you or trying the service/product for themselves.

9. Market well

There are numerous platforms to upload videos and marketing them well to ensure the highest possible chance of being seen is a must. Consider social media and your company website as well as YouTube.

10. Hire a professional

While not essential, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help you. Unless you have the appropriate cameras, microphones, lights and editing software, it can be really difficult to make a professional and effective business video. If you need help with business video production, contact Insight Business Video (http://www.insightbusinessvideo.co.uk/contact-us/) today to see how we can help.

What makes a good business video presentation?

What makes a good business presentation video?

Business presentation videos can be a great way of obtaining new business, of promoting your brand and of simply providing more value to your market. But what makes a good business presentation video?

Keep things concise

No-one wants to spend time listening to a dull, waffling presentation, and that goes for video and in-person!

Ensure your presentation is sharp and snappy, and only includes completely relevant information related to the topic. If in doubt, leave it out.

Make sure you’re focused on the key point

As with any kind of sales or promotional message, your focus should be one, single thing. For instance, when Steve Jobs first presented the iPod, he had one single message around which the rest of his speech was based: ‘1,000 songs in your pocket’.

What’s the one thing you want people watching your video to take away from it?

Rehearse what you’re going to say

Even people skilled at public speaking and presentation work at what is still a craft.

Whatever your experience levels, you should make sure you do the same! Just as an actor will practise their lines to gain command of the material before they start worrying about delivery, you should rehearse exactly what you’re going to cover.

That way, when the camera is rolling, all you need to do is deliver.

Don’t be too bland

People don’t buy products or services: they buy people.

Too many businesses are afraid of showing any personality in their presentations, and as a result, their videos end up lacking heart and authenticity.

Be who you really are when making your presentation, and people will be far more likely to engage with what you have to say.

Make sure your videos are pro

When it comes to marketing, first impressions matter.

Video presentations aren’t something you can cheap out on. You can certainly get a lot more for your money than you could have done twenty years ago – technological advances have made sure of that – but it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do everything yourself and still get results.

Professional quality videos aren’t just down to the equipment: they’re down to the editing, the sound production, the script, the mastering and a number of other factors that only a professional video production service will know how to get the best results from.

Unless you’re experienced in producing business videos, you’ll get far better results from working with a specialist team like Insight Business Video.

Make sure to market your work

You might be surprised how many companies spend time and effort producing a video and then simply throw it on YouTube and expect people to stumble across it.

There are millions of videos online, and if you want your potential audience to see yours, you’ll need to spend time marketing it.

Of course, a professional video production service provider will be able to help you with this, if you’re not sure how to go about doing it.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a professional business video, pick up the phone and call us today – we’d love to help you.

Introducing Superior Product Photography Services.

We’re excited to introduce our partners http://www.freshpackphoto.co.uk

Freshpack Photo is a well established UK Product Photography Studio, and one of the leaders in the country. They specialise in product photography for e-commerce sellers, more creative product photography for advertising and banner images, 360 product photography and also specialist photography services for the fashion and clothing industry.

For our clients who sell products to really utilise the potential of their selling power we always recommend that they supplement product videos with a full range of product photography.

Freshpack Photo’s packshot product photography services is focused on online retailers who need high volume white background photography for their online listings. They are renowned for both the high quality of the images that they turn around and also their cost effective services, and can accommodate jobs for both large volume retailers and also smaller start ups.

An exciting addition to stills product photography that you may not have considered is 360 Product Photography. 360 Product Photography is an interactive image which enables your clients to view your products from every angle, rotating it from side to side and zooming in and out on key features. This kind of photography works best in addition to your product videos and stills photography.

Many of our clients for who we shoot cat walk and ‘model walk on’ fashion videos will already be familiar with Freshpack Photo’s Clothing Photography Services. Our cat walk Videos are generally accompanied by their stills photography, and their client base includes many of the best known fashion brands in the country. High Quality imagery, including videos, is never more important than it is in the fashion industry, and has a huge impact on your fashions labels identity and credibility.

You can get in touch with Freshpack Photo, and view more information about their services , here: http://www.freshpackphoto.co.uk

Digital Marketing Predictions For 2018

To effectively plan your marketing strategy for 2018, we suggest you carefully consider some of the following tactics for your business including native advertising, online corporate videos, and micro-moments. Here are some predictions for next year’s key digital marketing trends.

Native Advertising

This is a form of paid advertising, usually the material in an online publication which resembles editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser. The native ad follows the natural journey of the user experience in which it is placed. Throughout 2017, we have seen a significant growth in native advertising, and it will continue to develop in 2018. Native advertising is distorting the lines between advertising and content. This method of advertising reduces the amount of intrusion and provides educational benefits for its users, so the content is more likely to be shared.

Online Video

During the next three to five years video and mobile will be one of the core methods businesses use to provide customer engagement. Whether it is a company or product video, the use of online video is rapidly growing. Video gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers at a deeper level and connect with them emotionally. There are now a variety of visual on-screen elements that brands can also utilise. Video conferences and live streaming have also proven to be very popular this year and enable customers and users to interact with video content. Video and mobile are one of the longest running trends for marketers this year, and we predict this will continue to progress during the course of 2018.


Customers are often turning to their phone to learn something new, a micro-moment is when they automatically turn to a device, increasingly a mobile, to learn, discover, do something, watch something or purchase an item. These micro-moments are essential touch points for businesses to accommodate and immediately act on their customer’s requirements with reliable information despite the time and location. It is therefore crucial for companies to make sure that their website is mobile friendly and responsive to master those micro-moments.

Big Data

Big data is one of the major marketing trends this year which refers to analysing extensive data sets to reveal trends and associations, for example, human behaviours and how they interact. Accessing the right data in 2018 will provide businesses with the ability to understand customer behaviour and is especially useful when giving customers a real time response.

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6 mistakes - Top

6 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Business Video

Are you sabotaging your corporate videos? According to Hubspot’s infographic in 2017 videos will account for 74% of all website traffic. Creating a video to promote your business online can be time-consuming and takes a lot of effort to put together. This can quickly be destroyed leaving your reputation and professionalism at risk.

Here are six common mistakes we think can be easily avoided when creating a promotional video for your business.

1. You Have Set No Goals for Your Video

One of the most frequent issues when creating a video for your business is not establishing clear goals that are measurable. A video can look impressive, but this does not matter if it does not achieve any of your objectives. To achieve your goals they need to be specific. Some examples of goals to choose for your video marketing might include the generation of click-throughs to your website, newsletter or event sign ups, or to attract a certain amount of video views and unique visitors.


2. Not Utilising Rich Media

Many businesses start by producing the script for their video first whereas you should also think about the visuals and how to incorporate other rich media elements such as music and sound effects.


3. Limited Creativity

To make your business video stand out to your audience, you need to be creative. If you film a video with a setting that is uninteresting, you might need to think carefully about whether a video is the most efficient way of displaying your message. Although it is important to establish goals when creating a video, it is crucial that you do not let these restrict your creativity. You should embrace a variety of concepts and get imaginative; this will help you to create an appealing video that will successfully achieve your goals.


4. Appearing Tense and Not Having Fun

It is essential that you include people in your corporate video who are relaxed and have the ability to loosen up when being filmed. Someone who appears rigid on camera might make it awkward for the people watching your video. If you are confident and you enjoy being on camera, this will put your audience at ease.


5. There Is No Storyline

Your video should be edited in a logical sequence and tell a story to your audience. If your business just uses selling tactics that are similar to the adverts on television, your video will not be very engaging for your audience. Implementing a story that your audience can relate to might prove to me a more effective way of communicating information about your company. Through the use of video you can create an emotional connection with your audience, this is a powerful video storytelling technique. To make sure you have a clear layout to your video, we suggest creating a storyboard that shows what is going to happen in each scene and what equipment is needed.


6. Being Badly Equipped

Shooting with equipment that is of low quality can result in a video having poor sound quality and even bad lighting that does not flatter your subjects. When filming your business video, you should at a minimum have a phone that films in a high resolution or a handheld camera such as a GoPro, a tripod, a microphone and a lighting kit.

If you’re feeling under pressure with your corporate video, we can help to create a trustworthy relationship between your business and customers through the use of video. Call us now 020 8798 3733 to discuss your requirements with one of our experts or email us with your enquiry about our video services.

Which Digital Channels Should I Be Using for Marketing for 2017?

At Insight Business we believe it essential to establish a strong online presence. Whether it’s through the use of product videos, or corporate and business videos.

Popular Digital Channels for 2017

Before you make a decision on which digital channel to use for your marketing strategy in 2017, it is important that you understand them first.

Display Advertising

This is a method to generate a high amount of traffic which could convert into sales or leads. These types of ads are frequently based on Cost-Per-Impression compared to the Cost-Per-Click.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a really useful tool when it comes to delivering a return on investment (ROI). It involves gathering contact information and targeting your audience with ads, requesting business, and encouraging trust and loyalty to your brand via email.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is driven by a budget allocated by a company to place ads. The success of a PPC campaign will depend on your choice of keywords for targeting customers, as well as the visual and contextual information included in ads.

Video Marketing

This is the use of video in your marketing campaigns and can be used to raise brand awareness and promote products. It is a useful channel for customer testimonials and rich media content that will help to convert your users.

Online Public Relations

Increase your presence through creating relationships with major journalists to build high-quality backlinks.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): SEO involves conducting keyword research, on-page and off page optimisation, organic link building and other related SEO activities.
Affiliate Marketing: An agreement between an online retailer and another website to increase traffic and gain sales from its referrals to reach a wider global audience.
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): A method designed to drive traffic to your website and convert them into customers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This uses social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as marketing tools. The following platforms will help businesses to expose their brand to a wider audience.
Facebook: This platform can be used to target a companies persona. It is useful to learn what groups and pages they frequently visit.
Twitter: A powerful tool for targeting and reaching out to industry influencers and journalists.
LinkedIn: A network for professionals, use this platform for reaching out to other business owners and other B2B leads.
Google+: It is important to promote your businesses content and create a presence within the Google+ community because this platform will also influence your SEO.
Pinterest: A visual platform that is ideal for promoting products. The majority of users on this channel is women, so if this is your target audience, then Pinterest should be part of your SMM strategy.

1. Review Your Existing Digital Channels
Conduct some market research and perform a competitor analysis to find out what your customers are up to on different channels.
2. Consider Your Companies Primary Goals
Your business might be aiming for some of the following goals this year:
Brand awareness – This creates a familiarity between your business and its customers. Some of these include; promoting yourself on social media, attending online and offline events, the use of visual channels, and also engaging with people on social channels.
Sales generation – Most businesses want to generate sales of their products and services. A few ways this goal can be achieved is on Google shopping feeds and the use of affiliate marketing networks.
Lead generation– Most businesses want to generate leads and connect with potential customers, and this is arguably one of the most important goals. Use digital channels such as PPC, SEO blogging, email marketing and other channels.
Educate potential customers with your expertise – A businesses product or service might not be known about by your target audience. Educate potential clients about the benefits of a product and explain why is important. This can be achieved through content marketing, blogging and press releases.
Increase website traffic – You will need leads to convert into customers and move down your sales funnel. Content marketing and SEO are suitable digital channels for this goal.
3. Allocate a Budget to Your Digital Channels
Assign a budget for each channel so that you can execute your campaigns successfully. This will include fees for photographers, paid or display advertising and other marketing staff that you might require.
4. Identify Your Resources to Implement Your Digital Activity
Managing a marketing campaign will need a certain amount of knowledge, time and money for each digital platform. Establish and identify the skills and resources you will need to achieve top results.

A combination of online platforms will help you strategically reach your business goals and determine which digital channels you should use for 2017.

Find out how to outreach to a wider audience and engage with your existing customers with the use of business videos, call us on 020 8798 3733 or fill out an enquiry form.