Why Choose Us?

With the average internet user spending 88% more time on websites with video than ones without, and video now accounting for 57% of consumer internet traffic (nearly 4 x more than email and web browsing), if you’re not using videos on your company’s website then you’re missing out. You’re also falling behind your competitors in social media marketing and the seo race, with Google giving ranking preference to websites with videos (they do own You Tube after all) , and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter increasingly integrating video content.

Other than the impressive statistics, business videos also work on a more emotive level compared to traditional text and images. Video creates a real connection between your customer and your business, the feeling of trust is increased, and the stimulating ability of video sound and motion will give your company a huge appeal to the viewer that cannot be achieved any other way.

Web users have a proven appetite for video content and millions of videos are uploaded, indexed, shared and watched across the world every day. Having Business Videos on your site creates new and relevant traffic and encourages sharing, book marking and links back to your website.

Our split testing and research shows that relatively short, punchy videos grab and hold a viewers attention most effectively and we offer options to add voice over if you don’t want to appear, and also motion graphics. We’ve also tailored our most cost effective service of this kind to give you the option having effectual, engaging product videos at a price that might be more affordable than you thought.

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We are able to use a host of special techniques, modern facilities and features to bring your corporate and business video production idea to life and showcase your business in the best possible light. We can offer bespoke storyboard development, special editing techniques, animated graphics, royalty-free music, presenters and voice-over talent if required, and can even cater for you if you require drone aerial video facilities.
The competition for viewers is tough, and it’s vital that your video has that extra special spark needed to win the attention of would be customers from start-to-finish so you can get your message across effectively and linger in the minds of your audience. At Insight Business Video, we have years of experience when it comes to producing attention-grabbing, exciting and informative company video productions for clients from various sectors, and we have a proven track record in terms of helping businesses drive sales and generate higher levels of exposure. You can count on us to produce engaging scripts, distinctive and effective video and memorable animations. To find out more about our corporate video production services, contact us today.